Update on The Open 2020 including our golf tour and our ticket and hotel packages

We continue to speak with The R&A

With The Open only four months away, we would like to provide an update on what we know about The Open 2020 and how the coronavirus outbreak could affect it.

This is obviously a rapidly changing situation; we are watching it closely and holding open conversations with our manager at The R&A/The Open and also our suppliers in place for our Open 2020 golf tour and packages. Our greatest concern is for the health of our guests.

Planning for contingency arrangements

We are focused on planning for all outcomes and want to be as prepared as possible for any of the contingency arrangements The R&A may be considering for The Open. At the moment they are considering their options for holding The Open in July, and we will let you know the outcome as it is announced to us. We are hoping this will be soon.

Communicating with guests trailing to The Open 2020

We are providing weekly updates to our Open 2020 guests. You can also email us directly with any questions you may have on kristy@morangolftours.com.au