Our COVID-Safety Business Plan

COVID-Safe Golf Tours | Our COVID-Safety Business Plan

We are registered with the NSW Government as a COVID-Safe Business.

Moran Golf Tours is committed to to providing COVID-Safe Golf Tours and to ensuring the safety of our guests and staff, and their friends and families, as well as those working at our supplier organisations, such as hotels, golf courses and restaurants, is our priority. We endeavour to provide tour guests with COVID-safe golf tours and have implemented the following practise to our business, that will be used on-tour, and that are in addition to our existing best-practises.

Our approach is divided into our business and operations COVID-safe practises, and our on-tour COVID-safe practises:

Business and operations COVID-safe practises:

  • Only taking tours to locations that are no- or low-risk
  • Recording all the contact details of each tour guest and ensuring they are not from coronavirus ‘hot spots’, nor have they been in contact with anyone from a coronavirus ‘hot spot’, and recording this on the tour booking form. Each guests signs this form to state that the information provided is correct
  • Ensuring all our providers such as hotels, golf courses and restaurants have strict COVID-Safety Business Plans and researching their practises and recording this on COVID-Safety check lists for each tour
  • Training all tour leaders and Moran Golf Tours staff in COVID-safe practises
  • Ensuring all staff and tour guides are physically well and not exhibiting any signs of illness, and that they haven’t visited – or been in contact with any who has visited – coronavirus ‘hot spots’
  • Limiting the number of locations we visit on golf tours to reduce guest’s exposure to different towns or cities
  • Limiting time spent on transport, including the private coaches we use on tours, to limit the time our guests are not able to socially-distance

On-tour COVID-safe practises:

  • Providing all guests with masks (for times when social distancing isn’t possible) and hand sanitiser and reminding them to adequately clean and sanitise their hand before meals, golf rounds and PGA clinics
  • Enforcing all mandated COVID-safe golf regulations, such as not touching the flag, not allowing hand shaking, and new regulations around submitting score cards. Read more on these golf reactions at the Golf Australia website here.
  • Adhering to the COVID-requirements of each supplier, such as providing the names and details of all guests that visit a restaurant or hotel, for instance.
  • Checking the current health of each guest, and their possible contact with hot spots or others with the virus, prior to allowing them to travel with us
  • Monitoring the health of all guests and staff while on tour via thermometers and visually checking any signs of illness; any guest showing signs of the virus will need to be sent home
  • Staggering dining sittings as necessary to ensure small groups
  • Any other COVID-safe regulations that are recommended by the NSW State Government that we must enforce as required.

All tour guests agree to adhering to the above measures when they sign up to a golf tour with us. Should they breach any of the above conditions, they will be sent home from the golf tour at their expense regardless of whether the tour is finished or still on-going. They will not be reimbursed for any part of the tour they miss if they breach the above conditions.


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