How many of Scotland’s ‘hidden gems’ golf courses have you played?

Scotland Now picks out 18  of Scotland’s golfing hidden gems that don’t enjoy the same high profile as courses like St Andrews and Troon, but offer a uniquely satisfying golf experience. Many of these golf hidden gems have flown under the radar of the international golfing community, leaving very happy locals to enjoy playing these truly spectacular courses themselves.

In a nation where golf is a revered sport and where golf courses are historically significant, the secrecy around such illusive golf courses means golfers have a very unique opportunity to discover somewhat internationally-untraveresed courses with a once-in-a-lifetime taste of the history, majesty and challenge of what it means to play golf in Scotland.

Here is the list of 18 of Scotland’s best-kept golfing secrets.

Read the full report here, including a review of each course.

Are these Scottish ‘hidden gem’ golf courses on your golf bucket list?

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