Moran Golf Tours is excited to announce is has joined global golf tourism association, the International Association of Golf Tourism Operators, the IAGTO

We are pleased and proud to be members of the International Association of Golf Tour Operators, the IAGTO, a global golf tourism organisation that brings together the industry’s best in the golf industry from all around the world to share insights and provide each other with access to golfing opportunities for their guests.

By joining the IAGTO, we can pass onto our guests opportunities to play golf in some of the world’s best locations at the best rates. Membership to the IAGTO is also an assurance to our guests that we uphold the strictest of standards and act in accordance with their charter.

About the IAGTO

Established in 1997, IAGTO’s membership comprises 2773 accredited golf tour operators, golf resorts, hotels, golf courses, receptive operators, airlines, tourist boards, approved media and business partners in 105 countries including, at its core, 703 specialist golf tour operators in 64 countries. It is estimated that IAGTO’s operators control over 87% of golf holiday packages sold worldwide and turnover more than €2.1 billion per year.

Whilst its primary goal has always been to develop services and activities to directly benefit its growing membership, IAGTO now has a much broader remit to maintain and raise standards throughout the industry and to help destinations position themselves not only to attract more business but to deliver the best possible experience to the visiting golf traveller.

For more information on the IAGTO, visit their website here.